Moto Hagio

I’ve always been a fan of Moto Hagio’s work and she has been bestowed with some of the finest superlatives ever showered on a manga artist but truth be told I’m just getting around to Drunken Dream that dubious collection of her shorts that most fanboys hate for whatever reason. I think it’s just too girly for them but Moto was a girl when she wrote some of the stories in the collection. I’ve only read a few and even though I like what I’ve read it’s like I always say: sometimes it’s the inspiration that you get from the inspirators is what really matters. Moto Hagio has always made my head spin. I feel so inspired when I read her stuff the subtlety of ideas that she plants in your head is just amazing. The picture above is none other than her beloved Bianca. Here is an extraordinary interview that she gave to Matt thorn originally in 2005 for the TCJ.

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